About Us

  • We provide you with accurate details about the houses to make selection easy. The details are facts, not fancy words.
  • We'll go out of our way to give you reliable advice on the best houses to meet your individual needs.
  • Our house owners comply with insurance and safety requirements.
  • We check and set up the house 24 hours before your arrival - you'll find the fridge cold and the water hot.
  • We train our cleaners, and they work to a cleaning procedure that we have developed with the help of a five-star hotel housekeeper.
  • We ensure there's lots of good information in the houses to make your stay memorable.
  • We are at your service every day to fix any problem you might encounter, or to offer good holiday advice. And we provide an after-hours back up service.


Phillip Island (Victoria) is approximately 1.5 hours drive south-east of Melbourne. Famous for up-close encounters of penguins and koalas, surfing and motor racing there is something for everyone in Phillip Island. Cowes itself boasts a north facing safe swimming beach.